your idol’s health is more important, not his weight or how he looks like. stop demanding him to lose weight. he’s not here to suit your taste, you shallow, uncultured goats.

"Yoochun also talked about the enlistment of the other JYJ members, Jaejoong and Junsu: “At first, we thought about enlisting together, but we decided that’s not what we wanted to do. It seemed like a good idea, but after thinking about it, we decided that it would be better to do individual activities while each of us go separately.” (credits: soompi)

W-wait…. What?

Won’t they go together? O___________O

Separately? 2 years one of them, then 2 years for another one and then another 2 years?

New method to deal with haters:

- YunJae isn’t real


- Oppa isn’t gay!1! Are you crazy?! You’re offending him!!!


- You’re just delusional


- Jaejoong\Yunho has a girlfriend, he isn’t gay; you’re sick


- Jaejoong hates Yunho\Yunho hates Jaejoong


Yunho-yah, the new reply for everything <3 XD

This isn’t only about Yunjae couple.

This is about these boys that weren’t in contact (but maybe in secret, yes) for almost 5 years.

Someone lost the faith, someone decided to support only JYJ or only HOMIN, but now ALL of us know that our boys still love each other (I had no doubt about this since the start, but stans did doubt it).

It doesn’t matter if it’s written or not on a paper. They are still TVXQ. All 5 of them. In their hearts. Forever.

ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH, no matter what.

  • yunjae fandom: *stirs underneath the grave*
  • yunjae fandom: *rises out of the ground*
  • yunjae fandom: *breathes heavily*
  • yunjae fandom: *roars at the sky*
  • yunjae fandom: YUNHO-YAH


he called him “윤호야” and said “윤호야 fighting” 

he called him “윤호야” and said “윤호야 fighting” 

he called him “윤호야” and said “윤호야 fighting”