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Okay ~ Yes I have a blog, but it's not really interesting and very multi-fandom >///< Since we're in the same timezone it's also this time at me and I'll go to sleep soon too :)


Aww, you did it! See? I don’t bite! But I hug! XD *hugs*

Who says your blog isn’t interesting? Well, multi-fandom blogs are nice. I usually see DBSK\JYJ blogs only, but I’m really curious about other bands too, so I often see on my dashboard also other singers.

I remember your blog. I remember because when we followed each other I went on your page and I read that you wrote this:

"if you ever feel sad or useless or just wanna talk my ask is always open. no matter what problem you have. I’ll try to help you as good as possible even if I haven’t experienced it myself. sometimes telling it somebody is enough. "

And I actually thought: “What a nice person. She\he must be really kind”

Oyasumi nasai then ^^

Reading “Anterograde Tomorrow” was my biggest error, after reading “Gashiyeon”

Like really.

What. have. I. done?

I don’t even know well Exo (I only remember\know Luhan, Kris, Chanyeol).

I didn’t even know who the characters were. Only after reading the story I saw who Kyungsoo and Jongin were.

This fic will remain in my mind for a long time.. Just like Gashiyeon. I’m sure of it. I can’t stop crying

Thank you, changdictator, for writing such a beautiful story.

Anonymous asked:

That's great! :) I'm fine, too. Okay, I'll call you Akira ~ you can call me anon or anon-chan (I'm a girl) because I won't reveal my url because I'm shy >< Do you have any plans for today? :)

Good ^^

Anon-chan is cute, then, I’ll call you like this!

Ahh, so you have a blog here! You can tell me, I don’t bite (when I’m not hungry u.u). If you don’t want, it’s oki too <3

Ah, well, here it’s 00.48 so I think I’ll go soon to sleep lol

What about you?